About Me

Robert Menetray Foto

Hello, my name is Robert Menetray and I am the founder of Creator.Support.

Creator.Support is one of my SideProjects. You can see other projects in which I have collaborated in my website menetray.com.

Currently I combine my freelance work in Drupal web development with my SideProjects.

Unfortunately I don't earn money, neither with my contributions to open source, nor with my blog articles, nor with the videos on youtube nor with the weekly free podcast.
Creator.Support comes from the idea of being able to earn money indirectly thanks to the support of your followers.

I like to think that there are people willing to donate money to small content creators, or at least I think there are people willing to help by buying from the affiliate codes.
Many content creators provide a lot of value completely for free, and they should be able to receive a little financial compensation for it.